You can afford to record. Come to Oak Grove Recording Studio in Boston, Massachusetts, because you deserve the best. 


No matter where you live, if you’re a singer or a songwriter, you’ve come to the right place. We can help you produce radio-ready, CD-quality recordings that you can sell on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, Spotify, and many others! Oak Grove Recording Studio has produced hundreds of projects some of which have charted gold and platinum success. 

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“It’s a foolish conceit to think that you’re going to get the results you want by buying a mic and a little software for your PC. I know. I’ve tried it. If you take your music seriously, run (don’t walk) to Oak Grove Recording. Because Joe knows it all and can do it all, you’re free to think like an artist, while he makes sure that all of the right pieces are in place. The more we’ve worked together, the better the music has gotten.” — Bob Handlin

“Joe is one of Boston’s best-kept secrets. Seriously. It’s hard to believe that type of talent and expertise is available for artists working without big-label backing. If you’re serious about your work, do yourself a favor and just book some session time—you’ve got nothing to lose and everything in the world to win.”

— Zoe Helene, Disenchanted

“All I have had is rave reviews about the CD Oak Grove Recording produced for us. Joe really helped to capture the essence of Celebration! His suggestions helped to make us better as vocalists and musicians as well as producing a cookin’ tape. We can’t wait to have [Joe] do our next CD!”

— Tricia Gervais of the band “Celebration!”

“Joe, the work you did on The Thousand Yard Stare is beyond anything I believed independent artists could have access to. You are an artist in the purest sense, agonizing over the smallest detail to realize the breadth of a song—giving life to what was once just a state of mind. Thank you for helping Twice Twenty realize our potential. Thank you for the good heart you have; it was a privilege to be in the company of a true master of his craft.”

— Ernie Beland
of the band “Twice Twenty”



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